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Watch the video about hacking Facebook and Gmail with a keylogger :

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In this video ,I am going hack into my friend’s Facebook Account in ONE CLICK.(He is not going to know that :D)

Thank you everyone for your lovely support, I have reached 10,000 Subscribers on Youtube. This is a 10K special video, ENJOY!

Ok, so i guess you watched the complete video. Well, this video is to let you know or to bring awarness in you that all the Online Facebook Hacking tools, as well as the Desktop Applications which claim to hack Facebook accounts for you are absolutely fake! MARK MY WORDS

Facebook is one of the biggest Tech Company, with lots of Skilled Employees who work daily to keep up the security of Facebook, they make sure that there are no bugs in facebook. Although, there might be some severe bugs in facebook, since humans are not perfect. But, to hunt these bugs, is not an easy thing, it takes Brilliant minds to do that.

Probably, Mark Zuckerberg and his employees are not as stupid as the creators of these Fake so called “Facebook Hacking Tools”.

ABSOLUTE CHEATING : Some of these such websites, cross their limits, and they prompt the users to pay using their Credit or Debit card, claiming that they will reveal the password of the hacked account, only after the payement is done. But, even if you go blindly and pay in such websites, you are going to get nothing, except frustration.
The worst thing about this is that, some websites may even steal your banking details, if you prompt to pay in such websites, so be aware!

SPAM COMMENTS : Have you ever noticed the comments of some Youtube videos, where people comment something like “Guys, Facebook XXX Hacker is the only working tool which can hack facebook accounts” ? Well, these fake facebook hacking tools even have a spam team which spread spam everywhere and make people believe that they can really hack facebook accounts in just a click, thereby turing BLACK into WHITE. So don’t belive these comments, as they were spam.

However, check this video out to know HOW EXACTLY FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS ARE HACKED :

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  1. THIS IS FAKE!!! I have wasted my time on 100s of fake hack tools. The good news is, there was one that actually . It's known as Feebhax and you can find it on the search engines 🙂

  2. Most accounts don't have 2-factor auth due to the fact that people are lazy, that is the reason you may hack their accounts with Feebhax. It can be found on Google!

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