Running high frames and refresh rates on competitive games allow you to see things sooner and hit what you are aiming at. This high FPS and Hz Call of Duty: Warzone video shows the benefits of using a powerful graphics card like the GeForce RTX 2080Ti with a 240 Hz monitor. High FPS and Hz provide these benefits:

1. Animation Smoothness: Easier target tracking
2. Ghosting: Minimize distracting effects such as ghosting
3. Tearing: Minimize distracting effects such as tearing
4. System latency: See players sooner

In order to achieve 240 FPS in Call of Duty: Warzone the game was running at esports level settings (mix of high and low based on recommendations). For more information on how to achieve 240 FPS in Call of Duty: Warzone as well as how high frames and refresh rate help in competitive gaming visit here:

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  1. If you think cross play is fair look at the leaderboards for activision. 60 percent is PC. AND the only reason it's that low of a number is because PS4 can disable crossplay

  2. And PC gets aim assist if the have a controller input instead. So PC gets to eat xbox players all day and get payed by twitch because they're 'god' level players LMFAO

  3. Hello everyone.I own a EVGA Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Ultra.Max frame rate is 200 for 2080 far i found 2 types of monitors i want.both are Dell Brands.both are QHD is 155hz and other is 165hz.only games i play on pc with multiple players is Call of Duty Black Ops PC Series and Modern Warfare PC.type of monitor i want is IPS.which monitor will be best for good fps? SOME GAMES HAVE FRAME RATE LIMITS.i heard 240hz is available.that is overkill and wont need it just yet.hope this help.thx all.

  4. Ghosting doesn't change because high refresh rates. Ghosting all depends on your monitors response time, how fast ypu monitor can switch that pixle off and what pannel you use

  5. Of course 60fps looks like s*** when you slow it down a lot. Just like an image looks bad when you zoom it in a lot. I want to see this video in regular speed to see the difference

  6. So when you move the camera the wall is pretty much at the same place on every Hz, but when an enemy is running it somehow is faster at 240 than at 60. Nice try, totally not fake.


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